Being YOU In A World FULL Of Comparison

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"The authentic self is a soul made visible" ✨  

It can be hard to be authentic in a world full of opportunities for comparison, right at our fingertips. Here are six habits I use to change my mindset and step out of comparison and into ME.


Think about it. Even for someone who spends less amount of time than the average person does on social media, you still scroll through and see what so many people are doing, saying and being! For those like me who use social media to grow ourselves and our business we spend even more time there. I oversee multiple brand social media accounts, including my own SUP Yoga, Yoga and Barre account and the hours a week I could spend in this world are endless. The opportunities to compare, doubt and let negativity about ourselves and our path come up are infinite. Sometimes that comparison can drive us in a positive way and sometimes it can drive people in a negative way. The more and more we allow comparison in within a negative light, the more it can spiral into deeper negative spaces and detach us even more from the root of our own being and our soul. It can almost feel like we don't know where we started.

Here are a few habits to implement instead of comparing:

  1. Concentrate on what you have instead of what you do not. If we focus on things we lack, we end up lacking more. Be thankful for all you have, acknowledge it, write it down and be joyful in it!
  2. Acknowledge today is just today. It's a paragraph in your book of life and we have the ability every day to work towards the goals we have for ourselves and to where we want to be. 
  3. Put the time and energy into yourself and less into worrying and looking at others. If you put all that energy into becoming what you want to be, getting what you want to in life and meeting your goals, could you imagine how much closer success is for you?
  4. Don't let fear rule you. Some times we compare because of fear. Fear of lack, fear of not being enough, fear of what others think, fear of what others say, fear of learning, fear of failure. Those things happen but if we give those fears life then they can be successful. Starve those fears. Put them aside.
  5. Take time away from social media. Even when we are paying little attention to it, it still can resonate with us and make an impression. Try to detox every day from it. It is healthy to have time away from our phones daily anyways!
  6. Remember that there is plenty to go around. Just because someone has something you long for, work for or wish you had, that doesn't mean you can't have it to!

Use your energy to believe in yourself. Don't give comparison any more of your time but instead take that power back and put it into your soul. Remember that you are the only you. Let shine what you bring to the table, not what you believe you are expected to bring or what someone else does. Don’t waiver to conformity, mediocrity, comparison or fear. BE YOU.

With Love - Taylee