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SUP Yoga and Inflatable SUP

Never stop exploring ✌🏻 My go to Standup Paddleboard to travel with?  Evolve Paddleboards inflatable Boom Boom cruising board. 10’6 by 33”. This inflatable paddleboard is stable, great for yoga and cruising. If you're up for it, it’s versatile for white water and surf too. In my upcoming travels, this board is what I’ll be taking with me as I head to Mexico for a SUP Yoga and yoga retreat at Haramara Resort in Sayulita Mexico.

For anyone who has space constraint for storage inflatable paddle boards are a way to go.  Small apartment? No problem! Traveling? Flights or by car this board can go with. It inflates and deflates in minutes and fits info a roller suitcase when deflated. It also came with a three piece paddle that fits into its bag for even easier travel. 

While I would always love to be on a hard SUP, inflatable paddleboards have their space in this world and major major convenience. You can hike right into a beautiful space with it on your back and in a few minutes be doing SUP yoga or paddle boarding anywhere you wish.  

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Yoga has brought into my life so many amazing people... people from all sorts of walks of life... people with all different paths and needs and bodies.... people who have inspired me... people who have empowered me... people who taught me huge lessons... people who needed me... people who didn't realize I needed them... and I can go on and on.

 I'm lucky to have this practice and the people it has connected me with. One of those special people is Cassie Pfaff, owner of Moonglow Yoga.  🙏🏻 She's been there through any personal change, growth, shift and move for me. But this post isn't about me. It's about her. She is talented beyond what she may ever realize. She's shown strength that I envy and I've loved watching her journey as she bloomed into the teacher she is today. She sent me a wonderful text and said I inspired some of her art pieces and I couldn't believe how perfectly they turned out! It was so hard to decide which to share but i picked this one! The colors are my two favorites (purple and teal) I'm not positive her plans with her art but wanted to share 💙

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